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Purchase Songs/CD Here:

All songs from my CD BETTER THIS WAY can be bought on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else online that’s selling music!

If you’re in Canada, buy the CD package direct from me by clicking on Paypal, and avoid US prices and shipping fees from CD Baby. If you’re outside of Canada, please buy from CD Baby.

Available at these stores in Vancouver, BC: Highlife Records, 1317 Commercial Drive; Bonerattle Music, 2012 Commercial Drive.

All tracks are freely available on Spotify, as well as Amazon and Youtube, etc. Here’s a link to Janis Harper on Soundcloud:

Upcoming Shows

In October 2017 I started gigging with the accordionist Jane Kalmakoff, and we’re now the duo Janis and Jane, playing my originals and some covers. I’ll update this as I think of it, but please visit my Facebook page for up-to-date info on gigs! And visit my Facebook page for news about plays I’m in, too.

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